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Pigeon Manpower Services offers an integrated human resource solution to our clients’ executive management, with in-house expertise that delivers on the demands of managing a permanent and temporary workforce, around the following key services:

  • Contractual Manpower
  • Recruitment
  • HR and Industrial Relations Management
  • Payroll Bureau Services
  • Project Logistics
  • Employee Benefit Programmes

Contractual Manpower

Pigeon Manpower Services specialises in recruitment, human resource and labour relations management as well as related payroll bureau services. We provide integrated solutions for temporary workforce requirements offering flexibility to your operational or project manpower. Pigeon Manpower Services provides assurance that your workforce has the appropriate level of skill, certification, qualification and experience to meet project demands. We have the solutions to address operational challenges, skills scarcities, and short and long-term project requirements.


Pigeon Manpower Services boasts a comprehensive niche database of over 47 000 highly skilled local and foreign nationals, and a niche specialist recruitment division, sourcing candidates who are screened and selected for their qualifications, work experience and high levels of skill. We pride ourselves on having intimate industry experience and areas of specialty, specifically the mining, petrochemical, offshore oil and gas, power generation, engineering and construction sectors. We specialise in proactive database building; recruiting for recognised sector shortfalls and demands.

Project Logistics

We have an intimate knowledge of cross-border Tamil Nadun projects across various sectors as well as secure relationships with local and international service providers. Through this intimate knowledge,Pigeon Manpower Services offers a holistic project and logistical solution for the mobilisation of expatriate crews into Tamil Nadu. The success of this complex service is a comprehensive relationship with local and international service providers. Logistics services are tailored for each project and involve intricate planning to ensure the efficient and timeously arrival of project personnel from Tamil Nadu.

Human Resources and Industrial Relations Management

Pigeon Manpower Services prides itself on setting the benchmark in employee HR services. A key component to our business growth is a personalised service for each and every employee of the company, no matter the geographical location or period of employment. Without specialised knowledge of the relevant labour laws, it has become complicated and expensive to ensure compliance in every aspect relating to a company’s workforce.Pigeon Manpower Services manages Human Resources (HR) and Industrial Relations (IR) core functions on our clients’ behalf, offering in-depth consultation addressing the requirements of their outsourced workforce.

Payroll Bureau Services

Pigeon Manpower Services's experienced payroll bureau supports all payroll needs with absolute discretion, confidentiality and expertise. We are experts in foreign subsistence processing, facilitating all statutory and taxation compliance. We ensure that you are fully compliant with relevant tax and payroll related legislation, and offer a full payroll service for your monthly, fortnightly and weekly payroll cycles, which includes: production of monthly reports; pressure-sealed and electronically delivered payslips; direct payments to staff accounts; tax consultation, remuneration structuring management specialists.

Employee Benefit Programmes

Pigeon Manpower Services acknowledges that as an employee on a limited duration contract one does not traditionally qualify for financial employee benefits. As an organisation that is focused on providing our employees with the leading service in our industry, we recognise the value of providing access to the best employee benefits available in the market. We therefore offer an innovative and unique programme to all our employees.Pigeon Manpower Services's philosophy is to provide financial security to our employee’s whilst valuing individual uniqueness, remote work location and varying terms of employment. We therefore consider numerous possibilities for cover and protection of our most important assets, our people.

As a member of Pigeon Manpower Services Employee Benefits Programme, whether our employee is at home or on site, they can rest assured that we are taking care of both the employee and their family’s needs. Our goal is to ensure our employee can concentrate fully on the demands of his position while we take care of unforeseen events. All our employees have access to the following payroll benefits: Group Medical Aid, Group Life Cover, and Group Provident Fund benefit.